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Look twice at where the property is and once at the property its self. The location of any home is more important than the home itself, both in terms of convenience for work, schools and facilities and also in relation to the future resale prospects,
if you are not aquainted with the area in which you are buying a house, always

make thorough enquiries as to the availability and suitability of services in the area. Don’t be afraid to ask. As long established estate agents in the area, we can offer a great deal of local knowledge on services, facilities, etc.


When you are viewing houses in the area you have chosen, particularly if you’re inspecting a selection of houses, then be sure to take a note pad and pen. Detailing the pro’s and con’s of each house will help when you’re making subsequent decisions as to which properties you wish to pursue further.


First and foremost, find out how much you can afford. Wingetts financial services are able to offer this service and also to offer Independent Mortgage advice. Once having decided how much you can afford, the next step is to decide exactly where you would like to live and then consider the size of house and location that you require. Decide on a list of the most important features, in terms of size and location etc, and then collate sales particulars on all suitable property for your consideration.

View a number of houses in order to decide which suits best, as only by viewing a selection will you be able to make a proper decision.

Once you have decided on the house you want to buy, its time to make an offer.

At this point, you must decide what maximum offer you are prepared to make, and whether you consider an offer of any less than this, will be accepted by the vendor. Always remember that the agent acting for the vendor, is under an obligation to obtain the best possible price and if you feel that you should obtain independent advice with regard to the offer you make, then you should consult an independent valuer or surveyor.

When making the offer, the agent acting for the vendor, must be able to qualify and make recommendations in relation to your offer and it is therefore essential that you have details as to the amount of mortgage required and the arrangements that you will be making to obtain it. Negotiating the purchase may take some little time, particularly if you’re initial offer is below the asking price. Always remember to ask whether any other offers are currently registered on the property, as the agent is obliged to confirm truthfully the current situation with regard to other interest.

Once your offer has been accepted, then the agent will make arrangements to detail the transaction with the solicitors acting on your behalf and those of the vendors.

Subject to the requirements of the vendor, the agent may well be able to agree the sale to you subject to contract and cease marketing the property. This will be dependent upon vendor’s instructions.

Once details have be passed through to solicitors, then the next stage is for an exchange of contracts to take place. Once this has been effected then the sale becomes contractually binding on both seller and purchaser, and a date for legal completion will be set, which is the day you move in.

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